: The annual Google Zeitgeist — a survey of most popular search terms — is up. It’s vaguely interesting but essentially unsatisfying; it reveals Google’s essential stone-skipping-pond nature. Technorati and Blogdex do a better job capturing the buzz of what people are actually talking about; Google captures merely our cultural 411.


The most popular brand searches were: 1. ferrari; 2. sony; 3. bmw; 4. disney; 5. ryanair; 6. hp; 7. dell; 8. easyjet; 9. last minute; 10. walmart

Ferrari? Ferrari? I don’t get that.

Interesting that the most popular men and women in French searches were almost all American or British (Harry Potter) — that is, not French.

Here is the most popular Japanese woman. Here’s the runner-up.

The most popular Italian singer is a guy named Eros.