Hosting question

Hosting question
: I’m thinking of switching to dedicated hosting and need some recommendations and advice.

I’m very happy with Hosting Matters but I’m going way over on bandwidth (I pay $26/month for 20 gigs; this month, I’m already over 50; that means an additional $90; clearly, this does not pay!). But Hosting Matters’ dedicated servers are way too expensive, starting at $280/month.

ServerBeach offers a dedicated server (with 450 gigs) for $129/month with Cpanel.

I want to be able to host my site plus my son’s plus the church and various other things; none adding up to much, but I want the flexibility of adding domains and I don’t want to pay endless bandwidth.

And will I get the same level of service at a dedicated host that I get from Hosting Matters (who always impress me)?

Advice? Please….