‘Twas the night before victory

‘Twas the night before victory
: John Galt of the Iraq CPA puts up two Iraqi versions of ‘Twas the Night Before…

“T’was two weeks before Christmas, And all through Iraq,

The people still worried that Saddam would be back.

The soldiers went out on their nightly patrol,

Capturing the bad guys was always their goal!

“With raids seeming endless in the triangle Sunni,

We hoped that not all of Iraq was so looney!

We gathered the tribe of Saddam, in Tikrit,

And suddenly now they all started to snit!

“They told of a farm where Hussein just might be

Odierno then called on our boys- from the great 4th ID!

More rapid than Baathists our soldiers they came,

And he whistled and shouted and called them by name

“Now Delta, Now Rangers, Now Cavalry too!

On Green Hats, on Pilots, I need all of you!

Go to that farm and secure it right now!

Capture his butt- you guys know how!….

“He was dressed all in rags from his toes to his head,

And his beard was as matted as 12 day-old bread!

How the mighty had fallen, could this be Hussein?

One look in his eyes was to know he’s insane! ….