Come here, Watson, I need you

Come here, Watson, I need you
: The two posts below are Eureka! moments. I’m moblogging from the Treo 600. It’s not perfect. But it’s a start.

: Vagablog lets me post directly to Movable Type with HTML codes. Doesn’t seem to have a size limit, so I can blather from the road at will and at length. Poor you.

: mfop2 lets me post a Treo photo to the blog. It’s a bit complicated (I have to send the photo to Snappermail; can’t use the Sprint email application) and it doesn’t allow HTML code. But it works.

I still can’t edit a long post (because the browser has a limit on the size of text boxes) and anything requiring an MT popup is unattractive.

But it’s a start.

Now I can publish text and photos to the world from anywhere. I’ll finally set up Audblog and I can post audio. Next: video!

The revolution is mobile.