How come?

How come?
: Baghdad Skies asks:

Why don’t western journalists get onto the streets in Iraq and patiently, systematically ask individual Iraqis what they want, believe, aspire to. Any old fool can stand on a roof, next to a satellite dish, and spout secondhand news off the wires.

: Separately, Baghdad blogger Ays says:

I say Saddam should not be executed, he should imprisoned for the rest of his life and watch how Iraq, the country that he had destroyed, will progress and become the prosperous and model country , so I think the execution will relieve him, but when he is humiliated in the prison, he will die and die everyday.

: And Omar says:

-Civil libraries distributing the picture of Saddam (with his hairy face holding his ugly bear) for free to the Iraqi citizens; it seems to be the most popular picture now.

-Saddam loyalists spread the rumor that he was, somehow, anaesthetized before being captured and that this is the reason why he didn’t fight….

-The GC proposes to announce the 14th of December a national anniversary and an official holiday. The idea is much welcomed by the majority of Iraqi people.

: Baghdad Burning finally posts post-Saddam but, curiously, has no real reaction to the event and what it means to her. Odd duck.