Reuters, the wire service of the Coalition of the Pissy

Reuters, the wire service of the Coalition of the Pissy
: Reuters wasted no time, not even 24 hours, to piss on the good news in Iraq. You saw all those Iraqis out celebrating the capture of the despot who made their lives a living hell? Well, Reuters informs us that they weren’t really celebrating. Reuters knows what they are really thinking. Reuters says they are mad at the U.S.

Joy at the capture of Saddam Hussein has given way to resentment towards Washington as Iraqis confront afresh the bloodshed, shortages and soaring prices of life under U.S. occupation.

The morning after Iraq’s U.S. governor revealed the ousted strongman was a dishevelled prisoner, Iraqis flooded the streets to snatch up newspapers emblazoned with photos of the man who ruled them by fear, now humbled and captive.

Many were ecstatic to see Saddam in the dock and hoped he would answer for his deeds but said they would not rush to thank America — in their eyes the source of their problems since a U.S.-led coalition toppled Saddam in April.

And then, in the worst journalistic tradition, the reporter picks a few man-on-the-street quotes to back up what he wants to say and then calls that news.

Well, we don’t need Reuters to know what Iraqis are thinking. We have Iraqi weblogs now.