The news alarm clock

The news alarm clock
: Here’s what I want for Christmas: An alarm clock that wakes me up when really (emphasize really) big news happens.

See my post down at the start of all this Saddam news below: The damned cat acted as my news alarm that got me up to hear the great news about the capture of Saddam. Well, that’s unreliable.

I’d like an alarm clock that’s wired to the Internet and that goes off if the AP moves a flash. Or perhaps it could go off if there’s a sudden rush of news action on weblogs (though I wouldn’t want to be awoken for the announcement of a new iPod). The clock should display the headline and let me hit the snooze-news button to go back to sleep.

Either that, or I’ll give my phone number to a few trusted blogger friends to call me. I damned near called Glenn Reynolds to get him up and blogging.

: Once Glenn Reynolds wakes up he really wakes up. Tons of updates there.