Weblog pioneer ‘missing’

Weblog pioneer ‘missing’
: Mike Wendland reports on a mystery.

  • I read on MetaFilter that he is alive and well but doesn’t want to be found.
    The guy is a crackpot and a rabid Jew hater. Let him stay missing.

  • Jettison

    From the site: (http://www.ericwagoner.com/whereisjorn/)
    Jorn has been located. While I do not have word from him personally, it appears he is, quite literally, “getting away from it all”. Those near him, who had feared the worst, are glad he is safe and are respecting Jorn’s wishes to keep him out of sight.
    If there is further word, I will let you know.

  • I second Michele.
    I used to like Barger’s site, but after a while the persistent anti-Semitism got to be too much for me. By all accounts, the guy is something of a whack job in general. Also, his claim of having invented the term “web log” is as shaky as Al Gore’s claim to being responsible for the Internet.