Editing blogs

Editing blogs
: No surprise here: Greg Easterbrook thinks blogs tied to big institutions will/should be edited From a Salon interview:

You talked about it being an unedited blog. Is there a journalistic lesson here about blogging?

Yes, I think so. You know, some of the good part of blog theory was that blogs would be like diaries that the world could read. They would be spontaneous, whatever pops into your mind, as a diary would be. But if you spontaneously recorded your thoughts for the whole world, these kinds of mistakes are going to happen. The sort of error that you make in dinner party conversation, and I say something like in that “Kill Bill” item, you would immediately say, “Oh, jeez, Gregg, come on.” And I would say, “Right. Sorry, King. You’re right. OK.” And that would be the end of it. But if you could make that mistake and press the send button and the entire world sees it —


Forever. Inevitably, these sorts of things are going to come back to blow up in people’s faces. Now, for pure bloggers, for individual people who are just posting their own thoughts, they would still run the same risk of saying something wrong or embarrassing, but they wouldn’t harm their institutions by doing so. So I would guess that at the very least that all blogs that are affiliated with an organization are going to be edited, if they’re not already.

So now yours is.