Google “news”

Google “news”
: Google “News” won’t put up weblogs of good repute but it does list this as if it were a legit news. Huh?

: It gets worse. I just found this from News?

If GoogleNews wanted to have a separate opinion scrape, that would be good and useful. But I’d recommend a hundred weblogs before I’d recommend the two sources linked above — two sources that happen to exhibit the same slant. So is GoogleNews slanted?

  • Mike G

    Treated as news by Google because it has “News” in the URL, I’m sure. Brilliant, you’re really ready to replace the NYT, Google.
    Incidentally, what a hilarious piece of auto-fellatio. I think this line could serve as the party platform for the Democratic party: “The stupidity of conservatives never ceases to amaze me, as well as that of the media (and the majority of the American people, come to think of it).”

  • Harald

    Another case of rabies….. or is Ted Rall giving classes and this is one of his pupils?
    But then again… this could also be a Moore-Rall joint effort …
    I almost feel sorry for him.

  • also includes Xinhua in there, an organization notorious for cut and pasting from western sources. In cases where they are actually report original stories, the information is worth less than a shake of salt. Not to mention the things they don’t report on.
    Unfortunately, we have no choice. There just is no other source for mainland chinese news.

  • It took a persistent letter-writing campaign to get Google to stop listing Indymedia as a credible news source.

  • Oh, they’ve done worse. A lot worse.

  • CharlesWT

    Google News seems to even consider discussion forums news if they have something like “pravda” in their URLs.

  • Reid

    I took Google off my favorites list and simply refuse to use them anymore. It’s not like there aren’t dozens if not hundreds of alternatives.

  • I wrote Google to complain about some of the blatantly antisemitic articles linked by Google News, and all I got was this lousy form letter:

  • For the record, I think Google News’ selection process is screwy, but I’ve found more than a few fringe right-wing news sources listed there as well.