Rush gives up drugs — and logic

Rush gives up drugs — and logic
: Getaloada this fractured logic from Rush Limbaugh, when confronted on his show about his hypocrisy:

“It’s not hypocritical because my behavior doesn’t determine the value of right and wrong – nobody’s does,” Limbaugh told listeners….

“If I were to admit I’m a hypocrite, then I’m going to be disqualified from being able to say what I think is right and wrong.

“I’m not going to let anybody take that away from me,” he said.

“Whatever I did I did, but it doesn’t change what right and wrong are.”

Limbaugh told his estimated 15 million listeners that “some people” may be trying to brand him a hypocrite for political reasons.

“The liberals do the same thing with defense,” he said. “They try to say that people who didn’t serve in the military can’t talk about defense. People who wish to be exempt from any moral judgment [are] taking the occasion of my story to try to weaken the whole concept of right and wrong by taking shots at me,” Limbaugh said.

That makes NO FRIGGING SENSE! It pains me too much to parse it.

So let’s just get this straight, Rushy boy: You said that people engaging in the illegal traffic of drugs should go to jail no matter who they are, right?

And you apparently engaged in the illegal traffic of drugs (so your housekeeper says… and besides, why would you have to go to rehab if you didn’t buy more drugs than you should have?).

And you’re not in jail.

Seems you should have turned yourself in, no?

If you think drugs and wrong and you illegally trafficked in drugs then you are wrong, right?

Man, I have such a headache from all that advanced logic, I think I need a pain reliever.

: From the Letterman monologue: “Everyone is getting the cold or flu. Rush Limbaugh had his housekeeper go buy him some Nyquil.”