Aren’t we cute

Aren’t we cute
: All Things Considered airs your basic condescending report on blogs and presidential candidates tonight. The only thing they quote from Dean’s comments is somebody giving the candidate sartorial advice. They give blogs the back-handed compliment of being “cool” (how frigging ’90s). They dismissively say that blogs don’t have a big audience. They don’t get it: This is not another computer game. It’s the people — the audience, the voters, the citizens — talking. Wanna listen, NPR? Try reading some. [Here’s the link to listen.]

: Ed Cone’s growling about it, too.

: Update: Two commenters point out the tasty irony of NPR dismissing any medium for having a small audience.

  • kkl

    Grrr. Wait, what’s my score? Am I winning? No, I’m learning, I’m expanding my horizons. Big dif.

  • Mike G

    Don’t have a big audience!
    Says Public Radio! Ahahahahaha!

  • lk

    “It’s the people — the audience, the voters, the citizens — talking.” I’m listening – lots of individual opinions of anonymous people. You could be a bunch of teenage girls imitating middle age men.

  • Yeah – that struck me too: NPR dismissing another media for having a small audience. LOL

  • “Great to be slumming here on public radio… My target audience is the six 50-year-old hippies who listen to this crap. Yeah, this is really going to send my record through the charts. Look out, Nelly, I was on the Terry Gross show.”
    –Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Fresh Air

  • NPR is like the BBC on Prozac. Its compulsive need to remain “college-town-folksy” supercedes any need to deliver good journalism and analysis.

  • Eric

    Blogs DON’T have a big audience you fool. To a small number of elites, blogs are HUGE, but to Joe Work-a-day, he could give a f….

  • Catherine

    Hi Eric – I am a “Joanna” work-a-day, and I read blogs.
    What qualifies as elite to you, Eric?

  • Bob

    Get off your high horses, you self-important, I’ll-read-your-blog-if-you’ll-read-mine BS artists. The number of bloggers who have an original thought or story to tell (as opposed to a quick take on (and a link to) somebody else’s work, is minuscule. Stop talking to each other and get out there in the real world; you’ll see how many people give a rat’s behind what blog is.

  • Cel

    Hey Bob. Why are YOU here then? You apparently have plenty of time on your hands, eh? Get your own ass out in the real world, you windbag. What a hypocrite.

  • jon houston

    On a visit from the big apple to the family roots in Michigan and while it puts me to sleep in NY, it’s a godsend here, where the local paper is mostly wire copy and scans photos from cookbooks to illustrate their turkey-fixins story in the food section (!).
    Ever since the FCC eliminated a local news requirement as a condition of holding a radio license, non-bigmarket radio has become a wasteland for information (And jeff, THAT’s one of the big problems with big media– they can lobby their way out of anything that costs them money).