My Memorial


My memorial

: The eight finalists for the September 11th memorial were announced this morning.

So now I’ll show you mine.

: The idea is quite simple: A memorial in video that tells the stories of the lives of the heroes and innocents of that day; a memorial that focuses on their lives, not their deaths; a memorial that breaks free of stone and steel and allows everyone to participate in the memory.

: On the two footprints of the towers, I envisioned pavilions — a pavillion of memory, where pilgrims could watch the video and remember, and a pavilion of peace, where the remains of the unknown would be interred and where anyone could find silence and refuge.

The plaza would include large video screens showing the stories constantly.

It would also include, importantly, a wall where people coming to the site could leave their own memories and tributes, for millions who have gone to the World Trade Center have felt that need.

Anyone could also record memories and tributes that would be included in the memorial. It is an interactive memorial.

All of this would also be visible on the Internet. The memorial is not limited to this place.

: I’ll give you the entire text below; it tells the story. On the board I presented, I took pictures, like that above, and tried — given my paltry design ability — to present the idea.


on the lives of the heroes and innocents of September 11, 2001

A living and interactive memorial in video

This memorial will use video to tell the stories of every person who died on September 11th. With family photos, home movies, and tributes from loved ones