New from CBS: Everybody Loves Ronald

New from CBS: Everybody Loves Ronald
: CBS head Les Moonves — whom Howard Stern regularly describes as a snake, by the way — gives an interview to Variety [via IWantMedia] on the whole Reagan miniseries maxistorm. Two Qs and As:

Q: Is it the most reaction from anything you’ve done at CBS?

A: Probably. Except for when we canceled “Dr. Quinn.” I still literally get 100 emails a month….

Q: Are you tempted to say next year to get out of the movie-of-the week business?

A: Since we’re the only network with a regular MOW night we might be tempted to move the movie of the week to another night or even eliminate it. But that would have nothing to do with what’s happened with this project. It would have to do with the success and strength of our schedule throughout the week.

See my post below.

The TV movie of the week is dead. Dead.