Cultural traitors

Cultural traitors
: The more I thought about it last night, the angrier I got over the two posts below about Michael Moore (well, OK, no surprise there) and the Newsweek correspondent, both Americans dissing their people and their country in the Guardian and Die Zeit.

The assumption that it is de rigeur to be anti-American even when you are American is disgusting. The assumption that Americans should apologize for America is horrid.

These people are traitors to their people. I don’t mean political, legal, military traitors. I mean cultural traitors. They take sport in denying their own. They think it makes them cool.

Self-hating Americans.


Compare their words to these I’ll repeat from Alaa, an Iraqi who, of course, is supposed to really hate Americans:

Consider this: if the U.S. tommorrow announces that anybody willing to come to its land would be given the “Green Card” immediately with no further question, how many people do you think would stand in line? Answer this question if you dare ? Why if Western values are so bad and so terrible would you find Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, and every colour and every breed standing in that hypothetical line, in their billions?