996 to go

996 to go
: We’re another blogger closer to 1,000 Salam Paxes. There’s another new voice from Iraq at The Messopotamian. It’s another very human, very personal voice.

He gets this comment from an American reader:

On the personal side, my son ships out the end of Nov for his tour in Iraq. He’ll be leaving behind his family and their little 9 month old daughter. I have alot at stake in your land now too.

Chuck T | Email | 11.06.03 – 3:48 pm | #

And he replies:

Dear Chuck: Your son and my sons will be in the same boat, may god preserve him and them from evil. My heart goes out to you and all the families of servicemen.

Each time I hear of a casualty, a hand squeezes my heart with pain. This has to stop. They were not bad these boys. We never saw anything bad from them.

He talks about the campaign of terror in Iraq:

People are afraid to drive or step over mines and improvised explosives and the like. A terror campaign, the like of which we have never seen is directed against the public. What do they want ? Is going about one’s daily business called collaboration? Is a Doctor going to his job in a hospital a collaborator, because the CPA may send some medicine or help to the hospitals? They want us all dead, they want us to stop living. They can barely hide their spite and hatred. They send their suicide maniacs, so full of hatred, so full of spite that they are willing to blow themselves to smithereen against whom; against the Red Cross, the RED CROSS !! immagine that. No organisation has helped the iraqi people more than the Red Cross, throu’out the Iran-Iraq war, the 90 Gulf war, the years of Sanctions. Mr. Barri Attwan, Editor of Al-Kuds paper in London, is this your valiant resistance ?

Well we have news for you. We, the majority of the Iraqi people, are all going to be collaborators. Yes we will collaborate with the american people to rebuild our country. And not only the Shia people, not only the the Kurdish people, not only the christian people of Iraq, but even those misguided individuals of the “Sunni Triangle”, whom you seem to count upon so much, we will win them back.

That is not to say the Coalition forces have not made mistakes, they have and big mistakes too. My own personal view is that this situation could have averted with wisdom. But it is not too late, it must not be too late, because we have to live, we have to rise from the ashes.

And he talks about the images we see of people dancing at the death of American soldiers:

But people: don’t forget, the mob also danced as Jesus ( PBU ) bore the Cross. The mob is the mob. All we can say of any “spontaneous” manifestations is exactly what Jesus ( PBU)said : ” Lord forgive them for they know not what they are doing “