PC terrorism

PC terrorism
: Both Josh Marshall and Atrios are trying to stage a PC takeover of the word “terrorist.”

Marshall says those on a killing spree in Iraq today are not terrorists but, because they’re killing soldiers in the mix, are “insurgents” or “guerillas.” Atrios says, “what he says,” and then glibly adds, “Pretty much everything is now called ‘terrorism’ from graffitti to smoking bongs to fake bomb threats.”

Cut the crap, boys.

I’d say that people imported from another country to wage battle and raise mayhem for the sake of trying to disrupt the civil order and population in the supposed aim of a sick cause are terrorists. Fits in my dictionary.

But by your definition, boys, just because the September 11th murderers killed some soldiers at the Pentagon, they’re not terrorists but “insurgents”?

Crap, boys, crap.

Because these people in Iraq are happening to kill some U.S. soliders while also killing civilians and health relief workers, they are “guerillas”?

Offensive crap, boys.

This is newspeak a la Che: insurgents as the brave resistance fighters in the jungles of the new world order. Yes, I can see the poster art now. Make mine suitable for black light, will you?

The killers in Iraq today are trying to stop the nation from achieving order so as to defeat America in a larger war that has nothing to do with Iraq.

I dare you to call the families of the Red Crescent workers and tell them that their loved ones were killed by “insurgents” with a cause. I dare you to call the families of the 16 Americans killed on their way to R&R and tell them their young ones were killed by “guerillas.” I dare you to correct them if they dare use the unPC word “terrorist.”

It’s terrorism, boys. It’s terrorism.