Bush bites

Bush bites
: Jackie at Au Currant got herself a news exclu: Nigella Lawson, famed TV chef, will be cooking for George Bush when he visits Britain.

The day after Tony Blair’s heart scare, TV cook Nigella Lawson piqued the interest of the media by arriving at 10 Downing Street for a meeting that, spokesmen insisted, was with neither the Prime Minister nor his wife. Some — rather cluelessly and hilariously, to anyone familiar with Lawson’s “Bring on the butter, cream and Marsala” dietary ethos — speculated that she may have been advising Downing Street nutritionists (do such roles exist?) on a more heart healthy diet for the PM.

Speculate no longer. In what I am quite sure is a blogging exclusive (blogclusive? Ugh.), I can now reveal that the real reason Nigella was hunkered down with the PM’s people is because she is planning the menu for President Bush’s upcoming state dinner with the Queen and Tony Blair.

The Guardian picks up the news (attributing it only to a web site — how unblogsmart of them!) and adds this choice journalistic morsel:

On President Bush’s recent visit to Thailand, 10 mice were assigned the task of tasting the president’s food first for poisoning. Whether such security measures apply in the UK is unknown.