Sex and blogs (not an oxymoron)

Sex and blogs (not an oxymoron)
: All other cybertrends are like birth: first comes sex, then comes everything else.

Blogs are the opposite. First came tech and politics and war. Now comes the sex.

There has been a lot of sex talk hereabouts lately: There’s the imminent arrival of Nick Denton’s Fleshbot, an allegedly high-class sex blog. See, too, this Village Voice roundup of sex blogs [via Anil]. Here’s a Newhouse News Service story saying that women like porn online, too. Daniel Drezner wraps up a considerable online discussion on porn here: Naomi Wolf in NY Mag says porn turns men off to real sex and James Joyner disagrees. And there are some pioneers in this arena: See Raymi, for example.

Sex, sex, sex. So what’s up with that?

Well, as I said to the church lady who yelled at me when I said that I liked Cheers (the lesser of two reasons why I left that church): Hey, lady, life has sex. So it’s only natural that TV and weblogs do, too.

Here, I do not think that sex will become the province of pornographers — and spammers. I think we’ll see sex made cool and sleek again because blogs comes from real people. We’ll see…..