It’s about the people, stupid

It’s about the people, stupid
: In all the rhetorical, ideological, and political catfights occurring over Iraq and the U.S., what is most disturbing is that the fate of the Iraqi people is too often forgotten (especially, I’d say, by those who supposedly had their interests at heart — and you know who you are).

How ludicrous to be running anti-war rallies after the war is over. Day late, placard short.

What we should be doing now is falling over ourselves to be the ones who helped build the first successful democracy and well-rounded economy in the Middle East. Instead, everybody’s yelling so loud about their divorce they’re forgetting to feed the kids.

Tish Durkin finally captures this in the New York Observer:

Most of the people outside Iraq seem to be obsessed with giving the Bush administration what they think it deserves. Most of the people inside Iraq