Celebrity junkies

Celebrity junkies
: Courtney Love has been busted on drugs:

Prosecutors Tuesday charged singer-actress Courtney Love with two felony counts of drug possession…. She stands accused of possessing painkillers — Hydrocodone and Oxycodone — without a prescription.

She faces more than three years in jail.

And so what does Rush Limbaugh face for acquiring thousands of the same pills?

Howard Stern said this morning that Jeb Bush can’t exactly be out there saying he’s tough on drugs but light on Rush.

: Steven Johnson on the coincidence.

  • Lord Ben

    I must have missed the part where Rush got high and tried breaking into a friends house.

  • Steve

    I also missed the part where he was caught in possession of drugs.

  • Bill

    The decision to prosecute or not is made by AGs, not Jeb Bush. They wouldn’t prosecute Rush for the simple reason that they couldn’t win the case. He was never caught in possession, and the only evidence is inadmissable in court(the tape from his housekeeper). This should not be construed as a statement of support for Rush, it’s just that the lack of prosecution is not a sign of bias from government officials, just recognition of legal reality.

  • speed

    Has anyone noticed that Jeb Bush has a REALLY BIG HEAD?

  • HH

    A better idea: Let ’em both off the hook… I’m a little tired of my fellow libertarians saying “Well, why isn’t HE in jail?”

  • Jabba the Nutt

    Steve nailed it. Rush hasn’t been caught in possession or being publicly under the influence.
    Of course, as a libertarian, I hope Rush’s case makes the GOP and conservatives re-think drug prohibition. Those laws put Rush in jeopardy of criminal action. Is Rush a criminal? According to the law, he is.
    Gee, perhaps the law is an ass, say what GOP?

  • Marcel Perez

    Problem with Courtney Love is that she has no common sense and has always publicly and proudly proclaimed it.
    I don’t recall Rush Limbaugh (I don’t like him, but truth is truth) parading around in a drugged stuppor and involved in assaultive behavior numerous times in the recent past.
    I can understand pain-killer drug addiction even though I have never used them for 11 orthopedic surgeries to include 4 on the same knee with 2 total replacements. I have seen enough of the plight of the addicted in too many hospital visits.It is easy to imagine how what once was a pain relieving necessity can become a feel-good dependency.
    So I am not passing judgement on anyone with this kind of addiction. Please just keep it to yourself, unlike Courtney Love.

  • Another point of (probable) difference no one has mentioned: this isn’t Love’s first offense, is it?

  • Marcel Perez

    Nor are unprescribed painkillers her only choice of drugs. I believe that her drug menu covers just about everything known, including heroin shared with her late husband.
    Let’s hope that growing up comes before the tragic fruition of an apparent need to self destruct.