Tall people unite!

Tall people unite!
: Howard Sherman reports on the invention of a life-saving device: The Knee Defender, a small bit of rubber that will prevent the rude oaf in front of you on an airplane from leaning her/his seat back and banging our knees, threatening our laptops, spilling our drinks, and inducing claustrophia. I’ll take one!

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I heard that these little buggers have already been banned on flights.

  • Marcel Perez

    Overall, don’t you think that being tall is advantageous. Being a person of only average height, I think I could live with a little inconvenience caused by longer legs. I think 6′ 2″ would be just fine.
    You get to see over other people in any crowd situation; you can always reach the upper shelves at the market; you get to help others reach those same items; you never have to take up the hem on your trousers; and taller people, it has been proven, make more money and are treated with greater deference than their shorter counterparts.
    After all,you can’t expect the best of all worlds.