Brainwashing German children

Brainwashing German children
: Davids Medienkritik, the German/English blog quoted a few times today, has this shocking report on a children’s news program that is riddled with anti-American propaganda. For example, there’s this from one program:

The prisoners should tell as much as they can about Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. But since most of them won’t do it voluntarily, they are mistreated, beaten and even tortured. And: they have no chance to consult with an attorney. Human rights organizations like Amnesty International find it terrible that the US government decides on its own when human rights should be upheld and when not.

Says the weblog:

In Germany the Nazis and most recently the SED (former ruling Communist party in East Germany) thought it right to use media manipulation of children for the purpose of indoctrinating them with propaganda. The WDR places itself, with its one-sided, biased and manipulative reporting on its children’s radio program in the same ugly tradition.

  • abrtfl

    It is the land of Goebels (sp) after all.

  • That’s right. I’m not quite sure, wether us Germans invented propaganda, but we thought the world how it is made professionally.
    A lesson every country in the world learned only all too well. Propaganda allowed Mr. Bush spend a lot of your taxes on warefar and killing far too many of your soldiers not to speak of civilians in foreign contries.
    Thank god. We do have more than one aspect in our history, that is worth looking at. We are also the land of Goethe.
    Yet I regret, that there are so many idiots in this world, who consider themselves more equal.