: My blogroll was hanging over me like weekend homework, weekend after weekend.

So I just dug into it. I’m sure I messed up things: left people off, left dead blogs on, messed up addresses. But I hit my wall. So it’s up.

I put many of the blogs that I had not listed before under “new,” even though many of them are not new. I should have done that with all of them but that didn’t occur to me until too late; others are listed here, there, and everywhere.

Next target: My butt-ugly colors….

Then a nose job….

Then Grecian Formula….

: I’m trying white as a background first. OK?

: And I’m giving the ad a rest for a week or so. Don’t want to let the message go stale. But it will return.

: Everybody hated my old background color. So I go to white. Now the first comment is a complaint about that. Leave me some colors (in code) in the comments and I’ll try them out. I am using an old Blogger template (shame on old me) and so it’s not as easy as just changing my CSS. So be gentle with me.

: Movable Type question: I would like to create a new, parallel template that can be read on mobile phones, such as my new Treo 600, at an easy address, such as All I want is the center content well with no right rail to make the download lighter. How do I create a new template that runs in parallel with my main index template?