: My blogroll was hanging over me like weekend homework, weekend after weekend.

So I just dug into it. I’m sure I messed up things: left people off, left dead blogs on, messed up addresses. But I hit my wall. So it’s up.

I put many of the blogs that I had not listed before under “new,” even though many of them are not new. I should have done that with all of them but that didn’t occur to me until too late; others are listed here, there, and everywhere.

Next target: My butt-ugly colors….

Then a nose job….

Then Grecian Formula….

: I’m trying white as a background first. OK?

: And I’m giving the ad a rest for a week or so. Don’t want to let the message go stale. But it will return.

: Everybody hated my old background color. So I go to white. Now the first comment is a complaint about that. Leave me some colors (in code) in the comments and I’ll try them out. I am using an old Blogger template (shame on old me) and so it’s not as easy as just changing my CSS. So be gentle with me.

: Movable Type question: I would like to create a new, parallel template that can be read on mobile phones, such as my new Treo 600, at an easy address, such as All I want is the center content well with no right rail to make the download lighter. How do I create a new template that runs in parallel with my main index template?

  • Paul

    Ah, dude, your background looks like one of those people who left tooth whitening gel on for too long. Gach, it’s bright.

  • Try the lightest grey you can find….it’s so restful with a dark color font, and SO easy to read.

  • There’s two ways to do the mobile version of your site. If you want to be tech-fancy, you can use style sheets (they work just like style sheets in print, specifying how parts of your site look) and any mobile device which understands them can get instructions that say “the side rail isn’t visible on this device”.
    The simpler way, which I’d recommend, is to just go into the “Templates” screen in Movable Type, click on the “create new index template” link, give the new template a name like “mobile” and an output file like “mobile.html” and then you can paste in your regular template that you’ve copied over from your existing index template. Delete the stuff that’s on your sidebar, get rid of that column in your design, and you should be good to go.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for adding me. I like the white background. But I have a white background myself, so consider the source.

  • Just as an additional note, you may want to just copy and paste one of the default Movable Type templates into the system (you can get it here: ) and then you could just edit a stylesheet like Plain Jane ( ) and tweak it to look like your current design. I’m sure one of your more tech-savvy users might wanna help you out. :)

  • Puce

    wite like Amer-CIA

  • Jaq

    Excellent html hex code reference here:
    For a very light gray, try #EBEBEB or #EDEDED.
    Isn’t there some way of skinning your site in MT, so the viewer can change it? We use Greymatter, so I don’t know the tech details, but have seen several sites (Andrew Sullivan, LittleYellowDifferent) that let the viewer change to an alternative color scheme. Good luck with it.

  • Your page looks OK to me except that now it has a horizontal scrollbar–evidently it’s 20px too wide now–at 800×600 resolution. At least I don’t have to actually scroll to see the blogroll, unlike some sites that are wayyy too wide. So it’s nothing major.

  • Paul

    Maybe it’s my browser, but the background doesn’t look white, it looks dingy “I’ve washed this T-Shirt too many times” grey.
    If you just want plain white, “text: white;” will work on the stylesheet and as the background color on your main template (if you want it there). For background, just put “bgcolor=white”
    It would also help to make your text as dark a color as possible to offset the white and make it easier on the eyes to read.

  • I am also confused Paul. It looks like some light shade of grey. But this background is ubiquitous. My blog’s blackground looks like the same. Which prompted me to check some online resources to find the color equivalent to code #FFFFFF. The result is “pure RGB white”.

  • I like the white. Even though I’m not on your blogroll.
    [ Damn. Now you won’t believe this, but I looked yesterday and thought I already had you. I put you ahead of Denton, who’s not blogging enough! — jeff]

  • Thanks for the link. And I like the white!