A ‘right to terrorism’

A ‘right to terrorism’
: The abhorrent Ted Honderich strikes again, arguing that the Palestinians have a right to terrorism — and that a terrorist human bomb who kills an Israeli child is exercising that right. He said this in a lecture at the University of Leipzig. David Kaspar’s new blog reports on it. Find Honderich’s full text here.

On the question of the morality of a Palestinian human bomb killing an Israel child, Honderich says this:

… the Palestine suicide bomber does have a moral right to her act of terrorism, and … the Israeli in the helicopter has no moral right to his act of state-terrorism. To clarify any such assertion of a moral right, this one comes to this: the Palestinian suicide-bomber was morally permitted if not obliged to do what she did, which very judgement has the support of a fundamental and accepted moral principle.

He then launches into an odd lecture about the moral superiority of Germany after the Holocaust:

The Germans are now rightly known for taking on themselves the guilt of their fathers. They have a kind of moral superiority not shared by all of the rest of us. The Holocaust was not the first or last genocide in history. Other perpetrators have not been so ready to accept and to deal with guilt. It is for this reason of moral superiority that Germans now have a special obligation to speak against a rape. They will be heard a little more than other nations. There is a reason for their being heard, which is their standing. This moral position is also the reason of their silence until now. They can do more than the rest of us to awaken America from its ignorant trance.

  • Mike G

    A German in favor of killing Jews? No way!

  • There are some minds that just cannot be explained.

  • Paul

    Wow, start two wars responsible for the deaths of over 20 million people, kill 6 million jews, say you’re sorry and suddenly you’re morally superior.
    We really need to get on the ball if we’re to reach moral parity with the Germans.

  • tm

    Actually, he’s Canadian. According to Josh Cherniss, for years he refused to visit Germany at all because of the holocaust.

  • Mike G

    A Canadian sucking up to Germans? No way!

  • scott h.

    A Canadian supporting terrorists? Inconceivable!

  • Anonymous

    Your enemy’s enemy is my friend. Deep down, some Germans won’t forgive the U.S. for getting rid of Hitler and exposing the Nazi slimepit.
    And Canada won’t forgive the U.S. for being bigger or perhaps greater, and for having thrown of British dominion, of course!

  • Anonymous poster… You’re headed over the line.
    Germany today is a fine and wonderful place.
    Note that two of the professors at the University refused to be on the podium with Honderich.
    Note that it’s a German site that pointed to this insanity.
    The criticism here is of Honderich, not Germany.
    Now that same site above has criticism of a German TV show. But again, that’s criticism of the show and the network, not the nation.
    As an American, I’m sick of getting lumped in with various Old Europeans’ anti-American prejudices and so we should not answer, eye for eye.
    German (or French) bashing is not the point.
    Bash the idiots. If they happen to be Canadian or German (or French) so be it.

  • hey

    his family helps control the Toronto Star… surprise surprise, its a left wing, anti-semitic paper that hates israel, etc…
    jeff i’m german (ancestry) they’re on the level of france (well getting there at least): nothing is too vile that it could be slanderous, for the country is vile at its root…