Salam’s unfair post

Salam’s unfair post
: Salam Pax has a most unfair and misleading post regarding new fellow Iraqi blogger Zeyad. Salam says this:

Hmm…. now it is me who linked to this weblog, and I am sure everyone has the right to say what they think, but this is kind of strange.

I would rather have President Bremer (Allah preserve him) ruling us than any of them.

pfui…filthy words wash your moth with soap young man.

Now read Zeyad in the full context, a post I quoted the other day. He’s not saying for a second that he wants Bremer. He’s saying he would prefer Bremer to some of the other dangerous nuts vying for power, dangerous nuts who would probably be bad news for Salam, too. Zeyad’s words, in context:

I truly hope that living under 50 years of tyranny hasn’t turned us all into potential tyrants. I worry constantly when I see some of the newly appointed Iraqi officials and controversial politico-religious figures just too eager to rule and assume power in the country. They are desperately trying to push it and speed up things for themselves. I see Saddam’s face under the masks they’re wearing. They are tyrants in disguise. I would rather have President Bremer (Allah preserve him) ruling us than any of them.

For same, Salam, for shame.

For someone who was constantly doubted and misinterpreted online and in print, a person would think that you’d take more care in the quoting of a fellow Iraqi, a fellow weblogger.

What’s the matter: Jealous about the new kid in town? [via Tomi in my comments]

: There’s a picture of Salam in a Stern interview but he still hides his identity because he says he feels safer that way.

Well, taking that quote above out of context isn’t any way to aid your fellow blogger’s safety in Iraq is it, Salam?

: UPDATE: See Zeyad’s response — and lesson in Iraqi irony — in the comments.

  • Just a small nit. Remember the people who got ahead in Saddam’s Iraq often did so by stepping on others. If we only look at Iraqi blogs, i fear we will get a grossly slanted view.

  • Well then it’s a good thing there are only a handful of Iraqi blogs, eh? Because there’s no way a few Blogspot sites can overwhelm the far more relevant words of Western journalists and pundits, many of whom haven’t even set foot in the country.
    Personally, I see nothing wrong with a little friction among those Iraqi weblogs. It shows diversity. Take a look around … such friction is *normal*. In fact, if you want to catch a good blogfight, Buzzmachine is becoming the place to be.
    Anybody wanna fight about that?

  • My illusions are shattered. I figured Salaam to be way chubbier.

  • George

    Hey, anybody else having trouble opening Zeyad’s blog right now? I keep getting a blank page. None of the other blogspot pages seem to be affected.

  • Please take that back. We all know that “Salam Pax” is beyond reproach, and anyone who dare take issue with any aspect of his writing or personality is a racist, right-wing lunatic, who wants to quash all free speech.
    (That’s the usual response I’ve gotten when I’ve ever dared say anything negative about him).

  • Diana

    I know you will think me partisan :) but Salam did link to Zeyad’s post. When you link do you have to quote everything? He only quoted the part he disagreed with. We all do that.
    Geesh, aren’t we all getting a tad oversensitive here?

  • Diana

    Read Friedman today?

  • Bottom line: We still haven’t established a moderate political center in Iraq ready to openly embrace the progressive U.S. agenda for Iraq and openly defend it.
    My God, it’s already been six months and we haven’t even done that yet. What a quagmire.

  • George

    Ok, no Boomshock now, either, so it’s starting to look like all of blogspot is down. Question – another DoS attack, or are they just bloggered?

  • How silly of Salam to tell Zeyad to wash his moth with soap. That will weigh down the poor thing’s wings.

  • button

    *Approximately 10% of Blog*Spot Plus sites will be unavailable for a few minutes starting at 2pm Pacific Time.*
    The note is signed by one of the Jasons. This one was Goldman, I believe.

  • button

    OK, photodude, you’re on! Maybe that remark by salam is some kind of gay porno…
    Back in the days of Harry Hay and the Mattachine Society, the gay guys used to have their own coded lingo. Maybe it’s like that. Maybe salam is just trying to FLIRT with him or something.
    So, should the rest of us INTERFERE? Maybe we should stay out of it.
    Because sometimes a cigar is more than just a cigar ;-)

  • Diana

    Jeff, another thing I don’t understand is why quoting someone would compromise their safety.
    Eric, read Friedman today?

  • Diana:
    I read Friedman promptly after you supplied the link. That was the point of my comment above. The sentence in italics is a quote from the Friedman column.

  • button

    Doesn’t Friedman already get enough space for himself without hogging Jeff’s space, too?

  • Zeyad

    Hey people,
    I don’t mind about Salam. After all everyone can say what he wants in the NEW Iraq. My Bremer remark was a joke. Didn’t you notice Allah preserve him?
    I’m beginning to get a bit uncomfortable. Its only been a week since I started blogging, and people are already fighting about me.

  • Zeyad-
    “Allah preserve him” to my western ear sounds more like a request for protection than a mocking comment. Perhaps just another sign of how much we have to learn from one another.
    Enjoy the popularity while it lasts. With any luck, a thousand Iraqis will have blogs within the next year. Now that would be free speech! [grin]

  • This is getting a bit Jerry Springer….

  • Geez, I thought it was a joke. Don’t freak the newbies, Jeff. ^_^

  • Diana

    Welcome to blogging.
    Welcome to America.
    I meant, “did you read and comprehend Friedman?” Things aren’t going great in Iraq, and I’m not a Bush-hatin’, Nation-readin’, Counterpunch-lovin’ leftist. Stop being a blind partisan and face facts.

  • It’s only been a week since I started blogging, and people are already fighting about me.”
    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Consider it a rite of passage, and a sign of impact. Besides, you won’t really know you’ve “made it” until you get publicly delinked.

  • s’wonderful

    Hold it a sec, fellas.
    Quoting out of context. Dogfighting over political leadership. Accusations of un-patriotism.
    Yep. Sounds like they’re ready for American style democracy to me. (note: say it again, without the irony this time)

  • Rayonic

    About Salam — after reading him for a while, one gets the impression that if he had lived in any other country, he would have been out on the protest lines saying “No Blood for Oil” and other such comments. Heck, he’s even harping on the WMD issue recently, and wants Bush kicked out of office (nevermind that none of his potential replacements would have kicked Saddam out in the first place.)
    It’s obvious that Salam has led a… privileged… life, compared to most Iraqis. He and his family were not Saddam-lackeys, but he is far from your typical guy-in-Iraq.
    But hey, he’s still much better than Riverbend, who openly bitched about the showing of the corpses of Uday and Qusay. If I recall at the time, almost every Iraqi was shouting to see the bodies (otherwise they refused to believe they were dead.)

  • Jeremy

    ” I’m not a Bush-hatin’, Nation-readin’, Counterpunch-lovin’ leftist”
    Could have fooled me – you do a great impression of it.

  • Diana:
    It’s a little bit obnoxious of you to accuse me of being a “blind partisan” based on, as far as I can tell, nothing. Are you responding to something I’ve written on my blog, or in comments somewhere else? I really don’t understand why you’re trying to have this discussion here. I think button has a good point, why are we even discussing this Friedman column here anyway? At least explain how you think it’s germane to the original subject of Jeff’s post if you’re going to bring it up.

  • O’McSomething

    Fer crissakes Jeff, LET THE CHICK FLY!
    We all know you are proud of your blog-child, but he’s gonna have a little trouble on the playground now and then. If you keep fighting his battles for him people will call him a sissy. Blogs will be blogs.

  • Jettison

    Salem Pax should just STFU.

  • angel

    what means STFU?

  • button

    Maybe it means:
    Shut the fluk up.

  • Or:

  • David Perron

    Getting delinked by Rittenhouse is a good indication that you’re on the right track. Rittenhouse is only about one grayscale level more sane than Warbloggerwatch.