My books

My books
: Ben Hammersley announces that Amazon has full-text search of all its books up (just type anything into the search box and you get links to pages in the books).

So, of course, I did the egotistical thing: I looked up my name.

I find myself mentioned in more than a dozen books. (Forget the first one about the other Jeff Jarvis, famed musician. I, of course, am the Jeff Jarvis.)

My favorite:

I’m in The Book of Poisonous Quotations with this re Andy Rooney: “He’s a twit. He wastes good airwaves and electrons. He’s just plain unbearable.”

I’m quoted defending the quality of TV and the taste of the audience watching it here. The birth of a populist ranter.

I defended David Letterman’s infamous Oprah-Uma Oscar performance here.

And I smashed Oprah here.

Damn, that was fun.