: Sometimes, such small things can make me happy.

I didn’t post last night because I was mogeeking. I got my Treo 600 to act as a modem for my laptop (thanks to Kevin Werbach‘s recommendation of PDApal). And so now I can blog from anywhere. I will go into a booth, change into my costume, and emerge: SUPERBLOGGER! He blathers anywhere! He types before he talks! He types when he walks! He’s unwired! He’s SUPERBLOGGER!

  • LOL

  • I’m starting to think that being ‘connected’ releases serious amounts of dopamines into the bloodstream, and that is exactly why/how serious bloggers are able to maintain their amazing output.
    The better your content, the easier it is to justify one’s connectivity. The easier it is to justify freebasing the WWW.
    “Just… one… more… entry…”
    It’s really cool what you’re doing, Jeff. Good luck with the new toys. We welded-to-the-desktops types are insanely jealous.

  • jen

    i’m envious, to be able to blog about anything, anywhere, any time (a bird! a plane! a kookie street vendor!)–the endorphin levels could get dangerously high.

  • ….a moment with Easycure

    Jeff, you are such a geek!
    Keep up the great work.

  • Ok – now post pictures of this gadget so we can see what it looks like. (I realize it is somewhat difficult to take a picture of a camera with the same camera but I’m sure you will find a way. Hint: use your other camera – the one that is now gathering dust in the den.)

  • It looks like a cellphone/palmpilot hybrid. Smaller than I thought it would be.
    pic here:;jsessionid=IEXLX2VY3FUWNQFIAE0SFFGAVAAUIIV0?_requestid=1020561
    Now you have a reason to keep on living etc

  • JG

    Jeff (and other Treo-lovers in the NY area): Sprint coverage is very poor where I work – uptown near Columbia. Is the 600 cool enough to warrant keeping Sprint, which means I miss about 20-30% of my calls?
    Or do you know whether there will be a version for Verizon (the preferred service here)?
    [ JG… Jeff here…. It’s going to come out in about a month on AT&T and T-Mobile, if that’s any better… ]

  • JG

    Well then.
    Because of you, Mr. Jarvis, I am staring at a brand new Treo 600 which the kindly UPS man has just dropped at my doorstep. It is surely a thing of beauty.
    (Yeah, I know, I’m a geek. I figured that out in 1985, when I actually stood in line at the old Mac place on Park Ave to pay $5000 for one of the first Fat Macs.)
    Now, since this is my first data-enabled phone, I have a question: what plan should I get?