Hey, Tina, where’s your blog?

Hey, Tina, where’s your blog?
: A friend sends this wonderful excerpt from Tina Brown’s Washington Post chat:

Brooklyn, N.Y.: What do you think about the blog phenomenon? Are there any bloggers out there that you find to be both informative and entertaining? Should magazines recruit bloggers for staff positions? (As was the case with Elizabeth Spiers.)

Tina Brown: I love the blog.s Think they are really channging the collective voice of journalism. People are sick of mediated coverage. They like the noholds barred appraoch….

New York, N.Y.: Hi Tina: Congratulations and best of luck with the new endeavours. Q: In a recent interview President Bush said something like he doesn’t read newspapers or watch TV news because he has people do that and report to him. Do you think it’s a little dangerous to have the man in charge having his news put through the only-good-news-for-the-president filter?

Tina Brown: Maybe he spends his day reading bloggs

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