The report from Iraq

The report from Iraq
: Zeyad continues to give us wonderful reporting as a citizen-journalist in Baghdad. A few excerpts today. On bombing scares:

The latest fashion of Jihad in Baghdad today is fake bombs and false alarms. I returned from work yesterday to find our street blocked on both ends by Iraqi police and Americans.

Oh no, not again, I thought. They didn’t allow the taxi to pass, so I got out and asked some bystanders what was going on. They said a team was trying to dismantle a bomb placed on the road about 3 blocks away. Uh oh.

Our street was literally swarming with soldiers and police. I stood by expecting an explosion any second and ogling a beautiful blonde thinking how sexy she looked in that military outfit….

The bomb was a dud. And there’s this:

I heard some very distressful news today. Someone has been writing graffiti all over Baghdad threatening to kill children who accept the new schoolbags that are to be gifted to them by UNESCO for the new school season. Also warning that any hand waving to the infidel Americans will be cut.

He also reports on continuing problems with electricity.

  • Tomi

    My favorite moment so far is Salam Pax’s reaction (dismay) at Zeyad’s comment about Paul Bremer. Salam Pax takes the quote completely out of context and then berates him for it.
    (From Salam Pax:)
    “Hmm…. now it is me who linked to this weblog, and I am sure everyone has the right to say what they think, but this is kind of strange.
    (Quote from Zeyad:) I would rather have President Bremer (Allah preserve him) ruling us than any of them.
    (Salam again:)pfui…filthy words wash your moth with soap young man.”
    See…Salam doesn’t give any indication who “them” is, and “them” is pretty objectionable. Go see yourself. A far as I’m concerned it’s great to hear a fresh voice from Iraq that concedes some understanding about what we are up against culturally and gives us a revealing look into Iraqithink.