Cast the movie now

Cast the movie now
: The most entertaining reading I’ve had in ages is David Gest’s suit against alleged hubby-basher Liza Minelli at The Smoking Gun. Enjoy!

  • Jeremy

    While it’s amusing, it’s also pretty sad. (Though I have trouble feeling too sorry for people who have entourages and security directors and such).
    What’s really funny, is that if the circumstances were reversed – an alocoholic man being abusive towards his wife, most people would be angry or disgusted.

  • Beth

    Oh well, the writing was on the wall. I heard the end began on the honeymoom. He spent the entire week looking for her penis. this was inevitable.

  • Sad and pathetic. But funny too, let’s not kid ourselves.

  • rjwhite

    Apparently, her superpower is becoming very, very strong when she’s drunk.