Iraqi rule

Iraqi rule
: Zeyad has a pretty remarkable post on HealingIraq:

I truly hope that living under 50 years of tyranny hasn’t turned us all into potential tyrants. I worry constantly when I see some of the newly appointed Iraqi officials and controversial politico-religious figures just too eager to rule and assume power in the country. They are desperately trying to push it and speed up things for themselves. I see Saddam’s face under the masks they’re wearing. They are tyrants in disguise. I would rather have President Bremer (Allah preserve him) ruling us than any of them. I wonder if we EVER have someone qualified yet enough to be leading us.

The solution to this will be a strong constitution and strong structure with strong backing and that will take time and patience to build. We’re talking to you, U.N. and Europe: time and patience.

  • How about another solution: Iraqis need mayors, with real power (budgets) to raise interim taxes and spend it. And local elections to vote for the mayors; and newspapers (& blogs) to watch performance. So the power-weilders who are NOT benign get found out, sooner.
    The World Bank/IMF USAID problems are the desire to solve gov’t problems centrally.
    It would also be nice if the US gov’t aid could go to matching funds with local Iraqi aid orgs.
    Iraqis need Iraqi organizations, not necessarily political strongmen.