The morning after the morning after the night before

The morning after the morning after the night before
: If Choire Sicha is going to call me a nerd then I’m going to tell on him: Before he shook my hand at the Gizmodo/Wired Denton do, he wiped in on his sock…. which, of course, I quite appreciated. Mini-quiche crumbs make for such a slippery handshake.

: It being a Gizmodo/Wired party, I showed off my Treo 600 phone. When among geeks, I felt safe.

Elizabeth Spiers arrived with her always-attractive posse and when the posse wanted to know the score of the Yankees game, I whipped out my Treo and looked it up on the Web. Was she impressed? No. She was depressed. That was the game the Yankees lost.

: Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson told me a funny little story about James Truman. But I’m not going to tell it. because (a) I want to make Elizabeth and Choire terribly jealous and (b) I’m no fool.

: I would report fascinating things said by all the above, plus Anil Dash, Aaron Bailey, Rick Bruner, Steven Weiss, blog-savvy book agent Kate Lee, and others BUT I COULDN’T HEAR THEM BECAUSE THE MUSIC WAS TOO DAMNED LOUD.

I said to Spiers, “Either the music’s loud or I’m old.”

She said, “You’re not old.”

I thought that was the nicest thing anybody had said to me in a decade.

But then I realized that she was just agreeing: THE MUSIC WAS LOUD.

: By the way, read a fine piece of Spiers snark-art here.

: Nick Denton just scolded me for not mentioning that David Byrne as there.

Does he blog?