We, the people

We, the people
: There has to be a line where this stops. I’m all for the idea that we, the people can be journalists in our weblogs.

Now I see an extension of this, taking the idea to religion. HyperGene Medialog reports on a minister and congregation who adapt Dan Gillmor’s line: “We know more than our pastors.” On the odd (very odd) day when I (jokingly) think I should go into the ministry, I think that the last thing I would want to do is spend three years in seminary and I don’t really see much of a way around it. There are some things you just have to know and think through and work out.

I’m waiting for somebody to start a blog called We the Doctors: We know more than our physicians, for many people do think that. But if I don’t see a diploma and license on your wall, I’m not following your advice.

I’m a rabid populist but I do think we can take this thing too far.

: Hypergene interviews the collaborative pastor, who paints a picture of worship that would give my pastor (and my sister, the Rev…. and me) heart attacks:

A: Here is an example from our first service: Doors open at 5:30 with our espresso bar open, tables and chairs are scattered around a low platform, live music is being played

  • Yeech. Give me the smells of rose-scented incense, the melodic chant of the choir, sacred words that are the same as when St. John Chrysostom said more than a thousand years ago. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Kirk Robinson

    Many Christian and, especially Protestant, sects and denominations got their start in ways not too dissimilar from this. Some have professionalized and formailized and others haven’t. The very learned Martin Luther coined the phrase (or at least it’s identified with him): Every man a priest.
    In a trite but time-honored tradition, I might refer to the “primitive” Church led by the fisherman Peter.

  • ESP

    Sounds like a trendy bible study class to me, or a train wreck of pop culture and spirituality.

  • Or a really really extreme version of UU.

  • “This is usually a spiritual discipline” — Gee I hope not every week. Doing that “spiritual” stuff at every service gets to be soooooo boring.
    Seriously: this fellow seems to be part of the “I’d like church if it wasn’t, you know, church” crowd.