We, the people

We, the people
: There has to be a line where this stops. I’m all for the idea that we, the people can be journalists in our weblogs.

Now I see an extension of this, taking the idea to religion. HyperGene Medialog reports on a minister and congregation who adapt Dan Gillmor’s line: “We know more than our pastors.” On the odd (very odd) day when I (jokingly) think I should go into the ministry, I think that the last thing I would want to do is spend three years in seminary and I don’t really see much of a way around it. There are some things you just have to know and think through and work out.

I’m waiting for somebody to start a blog called We the Doctors: We know more than our physicians, for many people do think that. But if I don’t see a diploma and license on your wall, I’m not following your advice.

I’m a rabid populist but I do think we can take this thing too far.

: Hypergene interviews the collaborative pastor, who paints a picture of worship that would give my pastor (and my sister, the Rev…. and me) heart attacks:

A: Here is an example from our first service: Doors open at 5:30 with our espresso bar open, tables and chairs are scattered around a low platform, live music is being played