Even spammers have feelings

Even spammers have feelings
: IWantMedia discovers that the Direct Marketing Association is offended by an Orlando Sentinel story that called them “spammers.”

PC is everywhere, even at a convention of junk-mailers, phone-botherers, and, pardon me, spammers. Said the Sentinel:

Don’t expect them to stop.

The folks at SnoreFix and The Money Maker Plan, and their marketing brethren are making way too much money to stop the suppertime phone calls and endless e-mails.

A direct marketing executive wonders in the DMA story whether the reporter knows that his newspaper is sold through direct marketing. True, but the reporter shouldn’t care.

What’s funny about this is that these people are getting offended. That’s everybody’s PR tactic today: If somebody says something you don’t like about you or someone in your camp, say you’re “offended” and that will to stop them because being “offensive” is the cardinal sin of the age.

Hey, it’s just an opinion. Everybody needs to grow a thicker skin again.

: And while we’re talking about direct marketing, I just got my new sprint phone and the next night I got a damned spam call from Sprint.

“I’m on the do not call list!” I warned her.

“But we’re not trying to sell you anything,” she said with a nya-nya-nya voice.

“Well don’t call me again or you won’t ever sell me anything again. Put me on your do-not-call list, damnit!”


By the way, have I said lately that Sprint Sucks?