Rush and Howard

Rush and Howard
: Howard Stern did an audio fisking of Rush Limbaugh’s statement about his drug use this morning.

Stern says that Limbaugh has not come clean and isn’t being honest with his audience, as he says he is.

I read a lot of people saying that we should be giving Rush sympathy now. Yes, about as much as Rush gave other drug addicts — even while he was popping thousands of pills.

If I heard Limbaugh now say that he is reconsidering what he has said about drug users given his own personal perspective and admit that, just like those addicts, he’s making excuses for his habit, I might listen.

If I heard Limbaugh admit that he has been a hypocrite, I might respect that.

If I heard Limaugh say that he’s human and so is Bill Clinton, then I might turn on the sympathy pump.

But I didn’t hear any of that.

: Even Imus shows no sympathy.