EU generosity

EU generosity
: Responding to comments in my post on the EU and aid to Iraq, below, I’ll add this:

Old Europe has been attacking the U.S. and arguing that it has the interests of the Iraqi people at heart. Well, now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. I’m not talking military aid.

Why doesn’t France decide to go in and bring Iraq’s schools up to snuff?

Why doesn’t Germany go in and supply the hospitals?

Why doesn’t the EU provide microcapital for businesses to start up … or train police … or even subsidize national Internet connectivity to bring the Iraqis into the world community?

If you care about the Iraqi people, show it.

And as for European bloggers who’ve been sniping at the U.S. in alleged defense of Iraqi civilians: How about a few plugs for OperationGive, eh?