Conflict o’ interest

Conflict o’ interest
: The Guardian has an excerpt from Michael Moore’s latest book (his stupid seven questions for George Bush) and an interview and a headline that calls the book “brilliant” and even created a special Michael Moore page for those who just can’t get enough of the man who can’t get enough of himself. No surprise there.

But what shocks me is that the paper then turns around and flacks for Moore commercially, promoting a give-away of Michael Moore prizes — no, not a diet book but a ticket to a Moore appearance (oh, joy) or one of his books or tapes. This strikes me as unseemly. Should the L.A. Times be giving away Arnold Schwarzenegger DVDs? Should the New York Times be raffling off a date with Monica Lewinsky? Should the Guardian be using its editorial space in print and online to shill for the products of someone who is, a column-inch away, being interviewed as a news subject.

In a word: No. Tsk, tsk.

: In the interview, Moore says he’s trying hard to recruit Oprah to head the Green Party presidential ticket in 2004.

Only if Dr. Phil will be her running mate.

: I was going to invest the sweat and effort in fisking Moore’s seven questions but Tim Blair did a much better job of it than I would have.