Shoulda, coulda, woulda

Shoulda, coulda, woulda
: There’s a dust-bunny storm brewing in this, our neighborhood, over the idea that a blogger “should” say this or that.

Ed Cone went after Glenn Reynolds over the CIA scandal on his blog and then went after him again today at Bloggercon, expecting –no, demanding — that Glenn say more (and say the “right” thing) about it. (It was the more tiresome part of the panel; it almost turned into Plame panel.)

Over at Roger Simon’s blog, a commenter (the first one) goes after Roger, Michael J. Totten, and me for being Bush apologists because… well, go read it yourself. It’s really because we didn’t agree with him.

Back at Bloggercon, Oliver Willis (whom I’m delighted to finally meet in person) complained that various bloggers (I’m guessing I’m in that pool) don’t reveal their prejudices.

I talked about this with Glenn after his Plame “piling on” and we agreed that a weblog is nothing but a list of our prejudices.

When someone says that we “should” say something, that just means that we don’t agree with them.