The vast fast-food conspiracy

The vast fast-food conspiracy
: I was so excited. Burger King has a new chicken sandwich. I loved fast food. But I can’t eat the Whoppers and Quarter Pounders I used to. And I still have to go to the fast-food joints because that’s what the kids eat. So I get excited when one of the giants comes up with a new, low-fat item. It’s sad. But it’s life.

sfcb.jpgSo I went today to try the new Santa Fe Fire-Grilled Chicken Baguette.

What a slab of crap.

First, the thing is tiny. It’s a frigging finger sandwich. The name is longer than the bread.

Second, they slather on a “southwestern sauce” (read: salsa for wimps) that is dreadful; it tastes like canned ratatouille.

Third, the chicken is mealy.

Fourth, the bread is tasteless.

What a damned disappointment.

I wonder whether it is a vast fast-food conspiracy: They make the low-fat stuff taste so dreadful that you have no choice but to keep eating the fries.