Funny, you don’t look Jewish

Funny, you don’t look Jewish
: So I was sitting yesterday with some of my great colleagues at Ibby’s, the greatest falafel in Jersey City (the greatest falafel I’ve ever had) and I’m watching across the street.

There’s an old synagogue across the street and I see lots of men going in, more and more, the parade doesn’t stop.

But, funny, they don’t look Jewish.

Sure enough, it’s a temple: Star of David in stone; appropriate symbolism in the stained-glass windows, Hebrew in stone.

The men are wearing head coverings, but they don’t look like yarmulkes.

Irony of irony: It’s a mosque. I wander across the street; only the mailbox — and the shoes sitting in the vestibule — mark this as a mosque. Otherwise, it just looks like an old temple.

I wonder whether they see the irony.