Mr. Whineypants

Mr. Whineypants
: Romenesko sends us to an incredibly whiney, self-centered, ego-infested waste of ink, paper, and pixels from David Greising, a Chicago Tribune columnist who, having been banished from page 1 of the section to page 2, now decides to give up the column and then writes a column about it.

Two months ago, the editors decided to move the column off of the front page. My gut told me, almost immediately, that I didn’t want to write for Page 2. Eight weeks of trying has not changed my mind.

What went missing, in my view, was the sense of impact, the notion that the column mattered enough to deserve prominent display. The column sought to challenge readers–from the CEO’s suite to the production line–to think about the way business decisions are made, and the impact those decisions have.

With the column inside the Business section, I was no longer confident that readers could be compelled to care.

What a windbag. What a doofus. And what an idiot of an editor who allowed this to go into the paper (and who didn’t get rid of this fool long ago). They should have stopped and thought for just one second: Will this inform the readers? Will it be useful to them? Will it make them glad they spent money and time on the newspaper? Clearly, not. This is the worst example of media insularity (from among many) that I’ve seen in ages.