: If left to my own devices, I’m a grumpy guy.

Some kid got my town to put up signs at our borders declaring it a frown-free zone. That made me grumpy.

And I know that the people behind this by all means have their hearts in the right place:

Make Someone Smile on September 12

The anniversary of September 11, 2001 brings back many sad memories, and the days that followed were moving in untold ways. Amid the loss, shock, and fear, people reached out to one another. New Yorkers, so often stereotyped as living too independently, treated each other tenderly and patiently. The grief shared around the world in those days opened many hearts and eyes.

September 12 can be our ongoing reminder of those positive emotions, a way to remember and repeat that surge of warmth and togetherness.

This year we’re launching a simple experiment to create a cascade of positive emotions on the 12th: Let’s each commit to making ten people smile on that day.

But I hope nobody makes it a personal goal to make me smile. It would only make me grumpy.

Some ass in my comments said that all my talk about September 11 is turning me into the uncle you avoid at parties. Fine. I hope this ass has the good sense to avoid me for a very long time.

I’m sorry but I’m just grumpy right now; probably will be every September; just the way things are now.