Should we add Indonesia to the axis of evil (or just scratch those vacation plans)?

Should we add Indonesia to the axis of evil (or just scratch those vacation plans)?
: Getaloada what Indonesia’s VP said:

Indonesian Vice-President Hamzah Haz has accused the United States of being the “king of terrorists” in a scathing attack using language similar to that used by many of the Bali bombers.

In remarks that may signal an emerging split in the Indonesian Government’s campaign against terrorist groups, Mr Hamzah ridiculed suggestions Indonesia had a serious terrorist problem.

Less than a day after an Indonesian court cleared the muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir of heading the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah, Mr Hamzah went to an Islamic boarding school in Central Java and declared:

“Who is the real terrorist? It is the United States, for they have attacked Iraq. In fact, they are the king of terrorists….”

The families of all the Bali bombing victims should perhaps pay this dork a visit and talk about their terrorism problem.

Here’s how the Indonesian VP’s language echoes that of the convicted Bali bomber and grinning ninny Mukhlas:

Key Bali bomb suspect Mukhlas said yesterday that he was small fry in the terrorism world, despite the deaths of 202 people in the attacks, and labelled US, British and Israeli leaders the “big fishes”…

“These big fishes in terrorism are the ones who conducted extraordinary crimes against humanity,” Mukhlas told the court, naming US President George Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon….

“They are the ones who made Muslims no longer go to the mosque, Christians never go to the church and Hindus never go to the temple but rather choose to go to places which offer to satiate lust,” said Mukhlas, alias Ali Gufron. “They made people no longer know anything else but lust.”