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: Greg Allen, who knows much more about this than I do, is quite happy with the selection of Santiago Calatrava as the architect who’ll design the transit center at the World Trade Center. The NYTimes report also says there seems to be peace among architects and pols and that’s good news, for the sooner they start building now, the better.

I thee can’t wed

I thee can’t wed
: Howard Sherman defines the difference:

Here’s one important difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals don’t give a damn who you marry. Conservatives think it is a crime against humanity if your conception of marriage isn’t exactly the same as theirs.


: Steven Johnson is ready to start talking about his next book, about your brain.

The Gawker Girl

vargagirl2003.jpgThe Gawker Girl
: So Gawker has added personals and this young woman is now pictured on the home page: Want a date with her? Want to go to the coolest Gawker hangout or perhaps the Conde cafeteria? Want to get matching trucker hats?

Why do I smell ringer? Surely, they hired an actress to portray the perfect Gawker Girl, no? Surely, they wrote her personal:

Favorite on-screen sex scene

The directors cut of ‘Lilo & Stitch’ or ‘Anal encounters 2’, it’s always been a tough call.

Surely, she can get a date.

Ah, but then perhaps she snarks them away. Yes, that’s why she’s the Gawker Girl.

Note the other pictures on her personal: The guy with the arm around her unceremoniously amputated at the shoulder.

Date her if you dare.

Yes, something to learn from Europe

Yes, something to learn from Europe
: Norway is gobsmacked at Bush’s stance against gay marriage. From net-only newspaper Nettavisen:

Norwegian politicians are shocked that President Bush is opposing homosexual marriages and think the President should look to Norway, where several prominent politicians are openly gay and experiences with homosexual marriages are positive.

Kristin Halvorsen, leader of the socialist left-wing party SV, is shocked that President Bush is opposing homosexual marriages, as the attitude towards homosexuality is completely different in Norway. Norway legalised homosexual marriages 13 years ago.

Even the Norwegian Conservative Party, who is strongly represented in government, has a number of prominent members who are openly homosexual, amongst them Minister of Finance, Per-Kristian Foss….

In Europe, 10 countries have legalised homosexual marriages. The ten countries are France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Croatia. In certain areas of Spain and Switzerland homosexual marriages are legalised, according to AFP.