The left shall rise again

The left shall rise again
: John Podhoretz in the NY Post does the left the favor of listening to them, recognizing their growing movement, and advising them how to succeed:

THE rise of an ardent, passionate, angry and engaged left is the most important political story of 2003.

The hottest book of the new publishing season is Al Franken’s “Lies (and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them).” Joe Conason of the New York Observer has a fast-selling tome called “Big Lies.” At the end of September comes “The Lies of George Bush” by David Corn of the Nation magazine, which will likely hit the bestseller list as well.

The triumphant success of Howard Dean’s once-quixotic presidential campaign in marshaling genuine grass-roots support and money over the Internet demonstrates that there is a large and hungry audience in the land for a leftist political-cultural message.

Yow. It sounds as if he’s ready to convert. Not. He still sees the devil in the left:

The Dean campaign is a more mainstream outgrowth of the popular demonstrations against the Iraq war organized last winter by the Stalinist anti-Semites of International ANSWER.

Yow, again. But then he hits his stride making two important points about the political reaction to FoxNews and about the left’s agenda. First, Fox:

Part of what fuels this alliance is a feeling of powerlessness