: Ain’t science grand?

Here’s a man who received a stem-cell implant into his eyes and for the first time since he was 3, he can see:

I found it very distracting to look at people’s faces when I was having a conversation. I can see their lips moving, eyelashes flickering, head nodding and hands gesturing. At first, I tried looking down, but if it was a woman in a low-cut top that would be even more distracting. It was easier to close my eyes or tune out the visual input. This was often necessary in order to concentrate on what they were saying. I am sure there will come a time when all this visual communication will mean more to me, but for now it is just distracting….

The kids played soccer and asked me to play with them. I am more tentative with sight than I was without. My perception of space is still confusing enough and I don’t want to run over one of these little guys. Still, I can see the ball flying through the air, which gives me a thrill.

And bloggers’ favorite Halley has a cataract operation and reports the results:

I open my new improved eye.

Okay, I am freaking out. The bird is so resplendent in color and gold leaf. The colors are so vibrant. The edges are so clear and … I hardly know the word … try CRUNCHY … that I can barely believe it. The delicate detail of the bamboo leaves on the painting are exquisite. I am gasping.