Our boy on the bus

Our boy on the bus
: David Weinberger is blogging from the Dean campaign bus.

On the plane now. It’s a chartered 737 sitting on a back leg of the airport. No metal detectors here, but they do a thorough job going through everyone’s luggage. The press sits in the back of the plane, the staff in the front. Plastic clumps of grass are taped to the seats because this is a “grassroots” campaign, which is somewhere between charming and hokey.

The Governor enters the plane last of all. (Yes, they wand him before he enters … you never know, given his stand on gun control, he could be packing heat :)

David is an (unpaid) adviser to the Dean campaign.

Reading this, it would be very smart for a campaign to invite a few unaffiliated bloggers onto the campaign bus: The result would be more human, less jaded, more compelling coverage of a campaign from real people.

Call it grassroots coverage.