Customer service

Customer service
: A very, very clever VP marketing for Wayport read my Doubletree sucks post below and left a clever response.

This is smart marketing.

I’m curious how he found the post, since I mentioned Doubletree and not Wayport. Was it Technorati? Google?

In any case, it’s the wise company that listens to customers where they now have a voice, online. Good for you, Wayport.

And even though it was Wayport that slowed down like molasses in Helsinki, it’s the hotel I blame. The access worked for hours and then suddenly stopped. They should have cared; they should have taken care of it. But they only charged me. They didn’t care enough to call their provider. Doubletree sucks.

This is a hotel that clearly doesn’t give a damn. I had a psycho New York fit with the customer care line that didn’t care, then with the desk clerk who didn’t care, then with the manager who didn’t do a damned thing, then with the poor grinning sucker who had the bad luck to bring me my bill — including $10 for the frigging access that didn’t work — as I slammed doors to get the hell out of the place, pointing out to him, like the perfect New York asshole, as we’re trapped on the elevator, that it was a disgraceful mess and it’s obvious that no one on the staff takes the slightest pride in this dump aka Doubletree sucks.

Note that you don’t find a Doubletree sucks VP on here leaving an apology. Wayport does. Wayport does not suck. But Doubletree sucks.

: See also the absolutely magnificent PowerPoint tribute to how Doubletree sucks, from the comments, here.