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Politics v. sex

Politics v. sex
: Lest we all get cocky, those of us living in the high-altitude, low-oxygen environs of this here Blogosphere, lest we think we’re the biggest thing in blogs, lest we think we’re changing the world, we should first note that according to the NITLE blog census this LiveJournal creation is the most-linked-to blog in English. An excerpt:

SCREW YOU ALL, EX-BOYFRIENDS!! you all regret it within a week or two anyways…or as soon as i find someone new…regardless of if you know i have found someone new.



i a feeling better about the breaking up than i was two days ago…the sprks boy took care of me the first two nights, and last night i was just tired and did laundy before the trip. one night here, and then i head home for a week at the beach with my kim kim.

i have nothing majorly inspirational to say right now…nothing that will make the world seem like a better place, but every time i actually have a chance to update my beloved little lj, i like to add something.

Yes, that’s what life is about: boyfriends, laundry (sic), and the beach with kim kim — not the BBC and the second amendment and Howard Dean and Paul Krugman and RSS.


: Dan Gillmor found this little ap for a Mac that I want for my PC — namely, the ability to copy multiple items into memory (“clipboards,” the parlance) on one window and then move to another window and paset multiple items from memory. It is the blogger’s dream: copy the url here then one quote and then another and then the author’s impossible-to-remember name and then go over to your blog and paste each into a post. I want that. I used to be able to do that on my old steam-powered, coal-fired newspaper editorial systems. Surely, there’s some way to do it on an all-powerful PC?

: Silly me: A commenter has me read down the page and find a Windows version.

What I meant to say was: Why the hell isn’t this built into the browser or the operating system (now that they’re the same)? That is, I should be able to simply hit control and c and then a number or any letter of the keyboard and save something at that address.

In the meantime, I’ll try this ap.

: UPDATE: Damn, this changed my life!

All you do is (1) download and install the aforelinked ap, (2) when you cut or paste, just hit a number from 1 to 99 before you let up on the control key, (3) pay these people $20 out of eternal gratitude.

To hell with sliced bread.

500 to 1 on a dirty bomb

500 to 1 on a dirty bomb
: Forget a futures market in terrorism, which caused such a hubub today. What they should do is allow Vegas gambling on terrorism.

Bets, anyone:

: Chance a dirty bomb will be used in the world: 500 to 1

: Chance a dirty bomb will be used in the U.S.: 1000 to 1

: Chance a biological weapon will be used in the world: 5000 to 1

: Chance of an Palestinian human bomb in next week: even

: David Weinberger has more.

Liberal suicide

Liberal suicide
: More on the hijacking of liberalism and its values (not to mention its pragmatic politics), first from today’s New York Times:

The moderate Democratic group that helped elect Bill Clinton to the White House in 1992 warned today that Democrats were headed for defeat if they presented themselves as an angry “far left” party fighting tax cuts and opposing the war in Iraq….

“It is our belief that the Democratic Party has an important choice to make: Do we want to vent or do we want to govern?” said Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana, chairman of the organization. “The administration is being run by the far right. The Democratic Party is in danger of being taken over by the far left.”

When a reporter asked a panel of council leaders whether Democratic woes were a result of Republican attacks or Democratic mistakes, Senator Bayh responded with a curt two-word answer that silenced the room.

“Assisted suicide,” he said.

And Andrew Sullivan quotes (Marxist, prowar) blogger Norman Geras on the left’s failure to to support the human rights of the Iraqis just so they can hope to nya-nya the Republican administration:

But what these critics of the war thereby wished for was a spectacular triumph for the regime in Baghdad, since that is what a withdrawal would have been. So much for solidarity with the victims of oppression, for commitment to democratic values and basic human rights….

That is caring more to have been right than for a decent outcome for the people of this long unfortunate country.

How horribly true: In the PC era, it is better to be right than to be moral.

If you want to natter at Bush’s butt, how much better it would be to natter not about the war but about doing a better job at building an economy and democracy in Iraq.

Geras delivers deeper thrusts of the knife regarding the left’s reaction to September 11:

The response on the part of much of it was excuse and apologia.

At best you might get some lip service paid to the events of September 11 having been, well, you know, unfortunate – the preliminary ‘yes’ before the soon-to-follow ‘but’ (or, as Christopher Hitchens has called it, ‘throat-clearing’). And then you’d get all the stuff about root causes, deep grievances, the role of US foreign policy in creating these; and a subtext, or indeed text, whose meaning was America’s comeuppance. This was not a discourse worthy of a democratically-committed or principled left, and the would-be defence of it by its proponents, that they were merely trying to explain and not to excuse what happened, was itself a pathetic excuse….

Why this miserable response? In a nutshell, it was a displacement of the left’s most fundamental values by a misguided strategic choice, namely, opposition to the US, come what may.

What’s most pathetic is that one hears this even from the American left.

But this isn’t the left. This is a crackpot cult that calls itself the left and the real crime is that liberals let them.

That is why I won’t yet give up on the liberal label.

In her new condo

In her new condo